Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Using Gizmo Project for audioblogging

this is an audio post - click to play

Unike Skype, audioblogger recognizes the touch tones generated by Gizmo Project. I had some fun here with the sound effects built into Gizmo Project.

Gizmo Project, also unlike Skype, uses the open-source SIP protocol for VoIP and has a built-in feature for the recording of phone calls (either computer to computer or computer to phone) and so can be easily used to record interviews for podcasts. Here is an interview I recorded with my mother using Gizmo Project computer-to-phone as part of my Wikilanguages project (in Ogg Vorbis format) in which audio examples of all the world's languages and dialects will be provided (being completed in my spare time!).

Gizmo Project software is actually a "soft phone" connected to the SIPphone network and peer networks, including the phone systems used at UCSD, Indiana University and a number of other universities. So using Gizmo Project, one can call any of these SIPphone networks for free. I wonder when UIUC will get with it and dump its ancient POTS system for its telephone communication. :)


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