Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Collaborative wikis; Combining podcasts with wikis

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As I mentioned in the audio, I was unable to use Skype for my audio blog entry as thea audioblogger attendant did not hear the touch tones I produced with Skype to login and provide my PIN. I will have to try with Gizmo Project to see if that works. These serivces cost only about 2 cents/minute for long distance computer-to-phone calls to much of the world (computer to computer is free).

This is also an easy way to create an MP3 file that could be used for other purposes as well (limit is 5 minutes), either linking to the file on the blog or downloading the entire and putting it somewhere else. One could even to a quick 5-minute or less interview on the phone with someone as a conference call including the audioblogger number. Gizmo Project provides a free conference call feature (even going out to regular POTS numbers) that could be used for this. But I have to see first if audioblogger will recogize the tones that Gizmo Project produces.

All this new tech developments open up all kinds of completely new possibilties for education and communication--I find it actually dizzying at times!


Hi Gary -- nice job with the audio. Very cool. I'm doing the podcast component of our presentation tomorrow (don't know if you'll be coming -- probably rather basic for you!) but as Robert mentions in his initial post here, we're starting up some working groups, one on podcasting. In addition to a podcast ( -- may not be the final URL though), I think we'll need some text-based interaction spot and was thinking of using a wiki for that -- very much like what you've suggested in your audio. Other options would be a more basic listserv -- if folks want to discuss podcasting, I'm not sure we should add the possible overhead of a wiki to do it in, just in case those are somehow mutually exclusive interests for some...

Nice video podcast. Did you use something like QuickTime Broadcaster with a iSight?

One thing missing is a link for more information. This could be put in the info that is linked to the podcast.

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